Precious Little Firsts is a beautiful baby memories book! 

My Client wanted to show all the best parts of his book on his Amazon advertisements. His goal was to show how the book can be used from the time you first learn about the good news to as your child grows up and starts asking those questions about themselves you may or may not remember.
Here, all the little details of the book are emphasized.
This shows how easy it is to document those milestones!
Your child will love to compare their prints as they grow.
Simple notes make it easy to recall 'the good ol days'. 
Imagine, just for being born, you get a book made All About YOU!
Your child will feel loved seeing how much time and effort you put into thinking about them for years and years to come.
My client also wanted a thank you card insert to be delivered with the book that expressed gratitude and encouraged feedback.

I don't have any babies of my own, but this book is adorable and a pleasure to promote!
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