Most of the Boxhead drawings I did during "BoxHead Month" all together
BoxHead came into existence during Inktober '19 prompt: Mindless

I really had no idea what to draw that day, so I drew the most simple, easy thing I could and that turned out to be this little character who's head was a box and body was a trash bag. 
My family and friends begged for more Boxhead, so I tried to figure out his story during a "Boxhead Month" where I posted a new Boxhead illustration every day for a month (below were a few of my favorites).
I really didn't feel like drawing that day, but it turned out to be one of the best!
Boxhead is approx.. 5 guinea pigs tall
He might be falling from dizzying heights, but he's enjoying the ride while hummingbirds try to save him. This was the most liked image of BXHD month, but I think that's because people love hummingbirds.
Boxhead doesn't like birds sitting on his head.
Boxhead just havin' a good time on his floaty!
Boxhead is a patriot.
How I was feeling the middle of the month. Spoiler: Boxhead is me.
Boxhead's actual story continued to elude me despite a month of making illustrations about him. I knew he was painfully optimistic, self-aware that he was different, often had the best intentions but execution was more miss than hit. His primary goal is just to have fun and he's happy just to be alive. He's a very happy-go-lucky lil' fella, even when he's in precarious circumstances. 

But, where did he come from? What was his origin story? I still don't know. 

I put him down for a while, but recently picked him back up again because people keep asking me, "Where's Boxhead?" 

Hopefully, he can tell me his story now that I've given him a legitimate mouth (it was just tape before, so ... maybe that's why he couldn't tell me)
This is my first attempt at making a flushed out character, so it's been very trial and error. But, just like Boxhead, I'll keep on truckin' until I figure it out! I've already learned I needed to simplify his look and give him a mouth, so ... we're getting there. The feedback from the illustrations already proved to me he can be quite a lovable character, so I think there's really something here.

Thanks for viewing this project!
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