Improving the Community  One Pet at a Time
Veterinary Care Everywhere is a exceptional not-for-profit company launched by a veterinarian who has a huge heart for animals and people. Dr. Sabo saw a need to help those who lack mobility to get the proper care for their beloved pets.  

VCE’s mission is to help veterans, the disabled, and elderly. As a mobile veterinary service, VCE ensures not only the well-being of pets but also provides a sense of assurance and support to their owners by conducting in-home visits.

My work with VCE encompasses a wide range of design projects, including logo development, rebranding, promotional materials, merchandise such as t-shirts and magnets, and even a vehicle wrap for their van. Here are a few highlights.

I've worked with Dr. Sabo from the start of her business. 
The original design brief was very open. The only specifics were it needed to appeal to an older generation, and most importantly, be easy to read. At the time, and for several years, it worked. 
Dr. Sabo and I discussed, at length, what she was currently doing to serve her customers and what her vision was of the future. This was the launch of a brand new venture, so we were finding out the true ‘branding’  together. 

Nicole reached out to me about updating VCE to have a more vibrant color scheme and simple /fun look - all about moving forward and emphasizing her as a mobile vet. 
This updated branding really hit the mark  with matching her work style and attracting more clients.
One of my most rewarding projects has been the vehicle wrap.
Since the van is such a integral part of their business, there was a lot of pressure to get it right. Initially, I was apprehensive about undertaking this task. I’m familiar with large print design like banners, but a vehicle wrap seemed risky. It exceeded all of our expectations!  I was able to work directly with the print company provided exceptional communication throughout the process, making the vehicle wrap project as seamless as any other print assignment.
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